Thursday, 4 July 2013

First appearances...

First appearances are not always as they appear to be, for instance once inside the wrickety hut it was not anything like it was on the outside.

Inside it was a beautiful old cottage, with handcrafted wooden furniture made by the elves that swelled in the forest. Also the once was old wrinkled hag appeared to change in her own appearance to that of a beautiful bronzed skin princess with flowing ebony hair that reached to her knees, her old dress & cloak changed into the most gorgeous sequined iridescent ball gown (the kind the fairies supply to royalty)

The fairy princess was quite taken a back by this sudden change of scenery, was it a trap or was there another explanation for such a drastic difference from outside the walls of the wrickety hut to what lay inside???

She plucked up enough courage to speak to the beautiful princess that was now standing before her with a tray of the most exquisite foods she had seen.

"Excuse me young princess" the fairy princess said warily, "how could you possibly be the very same old wrinkled hag that ushered me inside from the cold?"

The princess bowed her head in shame & replied to the fairy princess "I didn't want to frighten you away, but the evil hag has put a most wicked enchantment on me"

For a moment the fairy princess looked puzzled, she didn't quite understand what the princess could mean by this. "You see the evil hag has cursed me with an enchantment that as soon as I step out of my beautiful cottage I suddenly change into an old wrinkled hag by a wrickety hut"

Suddenly it all made sense to the fairy princess, she knew that the evil hag knew bad magic & incantations, but she didn't know quite how terrible the evil hag was. She now knew her journey would be more treacherous than she once first thought.

The evil hag would not make reaching Fairyland easy for the fairy princess, in fact she thought it was going to be much more of a trek than she had made provisions for.

So the fairy princess asked the beautiful princess her name & if it would be ok to rest a couple of days safe in her company?.

The beautiful princess was called Theodora-Jasmina, she said it would be a pleasure to have the fairy princess stay a few days as it had been so long since anyone had gone near her since the enchantment had been placed.

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Friday, 1 March 2013

The wrickety hut

The fairy princess travelled for miles & miles, she was tired & weary she was fed-up. The road was long, she hadn't seen a unicorn since she had been in the mystic meadows & the pegasus that she had been travelling with needed to rest, it's wings we're tired from caring her.

As she came towards the edge of the vicious valley, there at the end stood a rather small wrickety hut. The fairy princess wondered who lived in such a tiny dwelling?! She wearily moved on as she needed to get through the valley to carry on to reach Fairyland, after the valley was a glen & beyond that a cavern... There were many paths & roads to travel, hopefully the pegasus would regain some strength to fly soon.

Half-way through the valley, the fairy princess stopped in her tracks - the rotten wooden door to the hut was starting to open slowly!

She gingerly moved forwards, ever so slightly & ultra quietly (so as not to be heard), then from behind the door appeared an old wrinkled hag "come closer my dear" she said "you look tired, let me feed you & you may rest too"

The fairy princess felt very uneasy about the old hag, was this some trick to capture her & stop her reaching Fairyland or was this a genuine offer?!

There was nobody to ask for advice, so the fairy princess had to accept this offer (although she was very apprehensive) & with that she moved towards the hut nervously.

The old hag gestured slowly forward to greet the fairy princess, she could see how nervous the little fairy was & didn't want to scare her off... It was a long time since the lonely old woman had company to share, for some reason others were scared of her but she had no idea why?

Perhaps it was her appearance?! Old, wrinkled, haggard with a crooked back & she was often wearing tatty dresses with cloaks as that's all she had these days.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Onward bound...

So the fairy princess was alone at the never-ending waterfall, wondering if she would come across any pitfalls on her travels to fairyland.

Would she meet any prince's or knights that could save her from the chains the evil hag had bound to her a long time ago?! The chains were heavy & wrapped around her waist, she had found that if she was careful she could just about make short flights with her wings & of course a little sprinkle of fairy dust!

Until she was rid of these chains, she would have to travel by foot most of the time... This was of course the only transport she currently had, unless she could befriend a unicorn to ride or a pegasus to fly on the winds.

She decided it was about time she continued on her long journey, so picked up her knapsack & started to head west in the direction of the creepy caverns... She hoped she wouldn't encounter any dragons, dragonettes, witches, troglodytes, ogres, warlocks, banshees, gremlins, demons, goblins or other evilness.

Merrily skipping along & humming a tune, she paused when she came to the sparkling springs... She knew that their waters had magical healing powers so she got a couple of large yellow vials from her knapsack & started to fill them.

The spring waters sparkled like nothing she'd seen before, they simmered & shined, whilst sparkling & you could see every colour of the rainbow in them... They were truly spectacular & she had no doubt that the healing powers they possessed were great, a few sips would be plenty.

She decided to have a few sips from the spring after filling the vials, sure they were powerful waters... She felt wonderful, full of energy & vigor, this was great she thought & carefully placed the yellow vials back in her knapsack.

Still travelling west, it wasn't long before she reached the creepy caverns - she was sure the healing spring waters had made her travel a lot faster! The caverns certainly were creepy, they were also eerily quiet & shadowy dark, the fairy princess was sure there were eyes watching her from the caves.

Suddenly she heard a piercing screech, followed by another, then another... She turned around & coming out of the caves she saw a group of 3 banshees heading her way, she turned her head back & started to run. She could see a cluster of small trees between the caverns, if she could just get to their shelter she'd be able to chant an enchanted incantation that she had learned when she was a wingless fairy.

Fortunately the powers from the spring waters hadn't worn off, she reached the trees safety with ease & began to chant "eevum, drudium, sanctum, turnium, eevum, drudium, sanctum, turnium"

Just as the banshees were almost upon her, an orange glow surrounded the cluster of trees & the banshees fled... The fairy princess was safe for now.

It wasn't wise for her to stay here the night, so she continued through the caverns & went on to the whispering woods... Now these woods were aptly named, but only during the daytime. At night they were deathly quiet, this was good she would get a good night's rest.
She set up a camp fire & from her knapsack she produced a hammock that she suspended between 2 tall oak trees, there she settled down for the night.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Off to Fairyland...

It was a dark twilight & the meadows were still, the fairy princess was in a jolly mood. She skipped across the meadows & in to the glens, she spotted a tiny leprechaun sat upon a lonesome toadstool - it was red with little white polka dots.

From the corner of his eye the leprechaun spotted the fairy princess & hopped off from his seat, he approached her confidently. The fairy princess was a little nervous, not knowing what this funny little man was after from her.

As he reached her he opened his mouth to speak, he asked "by chance fair maiden, would you be heading anywhere near the enchanted firey forest? If you happen to be passing would you be so gracious to collect some purple primrose nectar for me, I'd very much appreciate this & will reward you with 50 gold ingots with an added bag of fairy dust"

The fairy princess hesitated before answering the funny little man, she wasn't sure if this was a trick being played on her. After a few strange looks, sizing him up, she decided that he could be genuinely asking for her help & decided to answer... "Yes, I believe I have to pass that way, so it would be easy to take a small detour to help you. Could you meet me by the never-ending waterfall & I will have the purple primrose nectar for you"
The little leprechaun was very thankful, he told her he was going to rest a while to recharge his magic abilities so that he could transport himself to the never-ending waterfall.

He had used almost all his power to transport himself to the glens after escaping from a fierce dragonette that had been chasing him from the rainbows end.
It transpired that he had been attempting to steal her precious egg, this had upset the dragonette & she wanted his blood.

So the fairy princess gathered her supplies, sprinkled a little fairy dust & took off to the skies, flying on the breeze. It took her a good hour of flying to reach the enchanted firey forest, she searched the shrubbery, bushes & trees for what seemed hours & hours, eventually underneath a small laurel she spotted the purple primroses & started extracting the nectar.

It was a long slow process, but she finally managed to collect a small pink vial of the rare nectar & with a pinch more fairy dust she magically disappeared from the enchanted firey forest, ending up at the never-ending waterfall.

She was tired, so she decided to rest a while on a lily pad to wait for the little leprechaun. She felt a sudden rush of extreme tiredness wash over her & then she was asleep... Drifting in her dreamworld, where everything was colourful & full of joy.

The leprechaun appeared beside the sleeping fairy princess & brushed her cheek, she awoke with a startle! When she had composed herself she took the pink vial from her knapsack & handed it to the little leprechaun, he was very thankful & as true as his word gave her the 50 gold ingots & a bag of fairy dust.

He bid her farewell & as she blinked, he had vanished in a green haze... Again she was on her own, ready to continue her journey to fairyland.